Thera's Eyes

Elizabeth Monterey is a 17-years-old girl who always had everything: lots of money, friends, the perfect boyfriend, and a promising future on the archery world. But an inexplicable accident changed her life forever, and now she needs to face the harsh reality of the death of her parents, a brother in a coma and the loss of her fortune.
As if she hadn’t problems enough, demonic-looking creatures want the freedom to come and go to the human world, and Elizabeth is the chosen to prevent this from happening, but she can't do it alone. It will be necessary to find out who are her allies... and her enemies.
So, the hunt begins

Revelations, the first book on the Thera's Eyes series, is an incredible adventure story, filled with magic and romance. A novel that follows the current trends and still manages to be different from anything you have ever read.

Book Two
Dark Aura

(Currently going through new proofread. Will be available again vey soon.)

Elizabeth Monterey survived the sharing with Leon, and now she is the first Keeper in history to have a complete link, thanks to her twin brother who controls the same element as her.
According to her mother, this should have made Elizabeth the strongest Keeper ever, so why Elizabeth is now as weak as a normal girl? And why Thera is making her lie to her closest friends and fellow Warriors?
Edgar ran away and took refuge in the Abyss, but everyone knows he will come back sooner or later, with reinforcement, and Elizabeth needs to be ready for him. To do so she not only will have to solve the mystery about her lack of energy but also uncover the truth about the strange people with darkened auras that began to appear at their town and decide if she can truly trust in her Goddess and in herself.

Black Aura, the second book on the Thera’s Eyes series is full of mystery, more of Leon and Beth, treachery and the realization that the Warriors had been wrong about a lot of things. You can’t lose it!

Book Three
The Challenge

Coming soon.

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